15-06-2018 | EYE ON GREECE | EU

15-06-2018 | EYE ON GREECE |

Friday, June 15, 2018

Name deal sparks acrimony in Greece, FYROM

Greece’s political parties are on a collision course over the name deal struck with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) after New Democracy filed a no-confidence motion challenging Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s right to strike the agreement, given the objections of the coalition’s junior coalition partner, Independent Greeks (ANEL).


Omni-bus bill containing last ‘prior actions’ demanded by creditors for 4th bailout review passed

The omnibus draft bill containing the remaining “prior actions” and reforms demanded by European creditors to conclude the fourth review of the ongoing bailout was passed by a slim Parliament majority on Thursday, essentially by the remaining 154 MPs elected  from hard left SYRIZA and its junior partner, the right-wing AN.EL party.


ESM confirms release of one-bln€ sub-tranche in financial assistance to Greece

The European Stability Mechanism (ESM) issued a press release in the afternoon confirming that it has released one billion euros in financial assistance to Greece, set for covering the state’s arrears to the private sector.


No market passport from the IMF

Eurozone authorities are seeking ways to offset the International Monetary Fund’s abstention from the Greek program, as it again became apparent on Friday that it will be particularly difficult for the IMF to unreservedly issue Greece with a passport to the money markets.


Publisher apprehended after calling for execution of country’s leaders

The publisher of fringe newspaper Makeleio, Stefanos Chios, was arrested Thursday over a title that said the Greek president, prime minister and foreign minister must all be shot in the head because of the name deal between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.


N17 hitman granted leave for third time

Jailed November 17 terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas, who has been on hunger strike for almost two weeks, will be granted a 48-hour furlough after his health recovers, authorities said Thursday.


ATHEX: Stock growth continues for a third day

Unfazed by the domestic turmoil over the controversial agreement between Athens and Skopje and the no-confidence motion against the government, investors sent local stocks higher for a third day on Thursday, with turnover matching Wednesday’s.







KATHIMERINI: Domino in Athens and the Balkans [due to the agreement between Athens and Skopje on the name issue]

ETHNOS: Extreme political heat

TA NEA: Extreme rupture

EFIMERIDA TON SYNTAKTON: Vote of no-confidence [by New Democracy] for inner-party consumption

AVGI: Their last card is ultra-nationalism

RIZOSPASTIS: No legitimization for the antipopular measures

KONTRA NEWS: The center-left Movement for Change shatters into pieces [due to disagreements over the agreement between Athens and Skopje on the name dispute]

DIMOKRATIA: Adamant struggle for Macedonia

NAFTEMPORIKI: Curtain fall for ECB’s QE